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crosbyhardenAFAN: crosbyhardenAFAN: what
im getting purple jeans ahaha
crosbyhardenAFAN: oh nooo.
sanyurini: ohhhhh noooo
crosbyhardenAFAN: yeah no thanks
sanyurini: that's embarassing
sanyurini: who is he? jessie?
sanyurini: hahahahah
crosbyhardenAFAN: haha
crosbyhardenAFAN: crosbyhardenAFAN: what kind of purple?
BORDRJUMPRJESUS: almost lik a lavender
sanyurini: hahahhahahhahahhaha
sanyurini: FAGGGGOT
sanyurini: no lie
sanyurini: thats one of the gayest things ive ever heard
crosbyhardenAFAN: yeah
crosbyhardenAFAN: one of the gayest things i have heard in a while
sanyurini: seriously
sanyurini: holy shit
crosbyhardenAFAN: hahaha
sanyurini: you have no idea how funny that way
sanyurini: was*

I am what I am

and I know what I'm not.

WOW, I'm lame. But I love me some Jonas Brothers. And I pretty much love the difference in Nick Jonas's voice throughout the songs that I downloaded. Pretty much the best. BUT irregardless of whether or not it's lame that I like them, they make me feel better when I'm sick. Which I am right now. HOWEVER this sucks because I hate being sick, I hate leaving school, and I hate that I can't go to the Giants game. POOOP.

But that's not why I posted.  I posted because of this:
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Is that not re-donk-u-lous?! And then one of her friends posted this:

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Uhm, go die? Yeeeaaah.


First of all, Milo Ventimiglia needs to be chained up and shirtless in storage facilities more often. I’m just saying. origamifrog23 

HAHAHA. Word. I can't tell you how much I agree. I think I might like the new season. Maybe....


I liked Brian Wilson. Alright, I take that back. I still do. But Cain SO just got Cained. I hate Brian Giles. His brother is better looking and a better player. He can take that and shove it in his sushi. sdjdfhajkfhj There are so many things I want to say right now, but I can't without sounding infantile. I wish Tyler Walker didn't wear himself out. And I wish we can go back in time so Bochy could put Tacsh in. jhffhaksjkshf whatever. Game don't even matter any more.

But I have to say:

I love this guy so much right now, it should be illegal. f you're watching the game on TV you know why. EVEN if you're just paying attention at the game, you know why. Yelling @ people, making fun of people. The meat in a NOAH-CAIN-ZEETS sandwich. Yepp. I love you a lot Matt Cain.


Go die. All of you. ACTUALLY, you know what's even better than that? Falling in a well. Please, go do that. All of you. Now.

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OMG jb!


I'm on my phone, on lj. this is weird, yet thrilling. i kind of love it even though everything is distorted and weird looking. what ever. today was an okay day. i got to sleep in an extra two hours and miss first and second period. THAT was sick. and then these guys got into it third period which was sick because they're both beautiful. stupid thing was... it was about football. STUPID. but anyway. that was pretty much the highlight of my day. i think i'm done.
OMG jb!

Hannahan is the man!

2B: Lowell (31, Kazmir), Crisp (21, Kazmir).
HR: Lowell (17, 5th inning off Kazmir, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Pedroia 2; Youkilis; Ramirez; Lowell 6; Crisp 3.
RBI: Lowell 3 (85), Pedroia (38), Ramirez 2 (84).
2-out RBI: Lowell 2; Ramirez 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Drew 3.
GIDP: Cash.
Team LOB: 6.

Does anyone else see how much Mike Lowell kicks ass? I love this guy. The Giants need someone like this.

Some I just now figured out that home runs to me, are the equivilent to holding my hand. Seriously. I love me some home runs. I also love catchers. I have mad respect for catchers. This may not sound like much coming from a catcher, but seriously. Everyone takes catchers for granted. But I've also noticed that these are the people that have never had 60-100 mph pitches being thrown at their faces.

Seriously, I'm going to take catching way more serious this year than I did last year. Sure I may not have the bat of Danny (girl on Varsity) or the arm, but I've seen her make critical mistakes that I don't. Such as throwing down when there's a runner on third. Gah, I hate it when Catchers do that.

Today, school was AWESOME. Except for th fact that Dylan is moving to Navato to live with his masha. And he didn't even know 'til yesterday. He moves TOMORROW. But I seriously love my schedule now. I'm starting to understand Auto a little better. And I finally switched out of my 6th, into another class with a teacher -that I love- had last year.

I just got these shoes:

They're my favorite shoes in the world. I also saw how much my style has changed recently. I sort of really like it. It's like an edgy preppy thing. It's pretty great.

Anyway, I feel sort of responsible right now, because my friend Sebastian -SICKEST NAME EVER!- is having problems and I needa help him out. So I'll leave you with this instead of player(s) of the day:

Jack Hannahan
OMG jb!

LJ and Asians

Seriously, is everyone on LJ Asian? Or just the people I know? LOL. Kidding. But not really.... sort of. xD

Giants and A's won today. I watched both games. It seemed like today was a very Home Run-ish game. And EVERYBODY is growing a 'stache of some sort. BUT SWISH, WHAT'S THAT THING ON YOUR FACE? I don't think Swish should ever grow facial hair. Especially not the way it's going now. Ew.

Players of the day:

DANNY O!: is waaaaay more attractive than that! Plus he got a homer today!
Noah Lowry: BEAUTIFUL man. Pitched great, for the majority of the game. Did anyone other than me notice that his pants were tighter than usual? He's got a great lower half, so no complaining from me!
MARCO! SCUTARO!: Haha, this guy is money. WORD.
Mark Ellis: Yeah, he's money too. Goooooood game.
OMG jb!


Last night I stayed at Stephanie's after a bomb ass game of mini-golf and beating her ass in the gocarts! It was fun. I really wish I could explain the night, but I can't. Mostly it was us, an iPod, a camera and lots of sugar. (Which neither of us should have been eating.) But this morning I went to Orientation with her, and it started out shaky, but it was fun for the most part. I got to see all the people I love, and avoid the ones I don't. Oh geeze, it was great.


1. Auto Mech - Colli
2. Hon. English - Tiffany
3. P.E. - Pagliari [again! ugh]
4. Biology - Bechler
5. Hon. French - Carrell
6. Hon. Geometry. - Gallegos

Yeah, I'm taking Auto. I want to know what's wrong with my car when it has problems. Is that so wrong? And I think French is the only class I have a friend in. However I need to switch 3rd with 6th because of softball. I'd rather miss P.E. than miss than a class that actually matters and will make a difference in the career that I want to go into. So yeah. Pretty much short post. More later... maybe?

P.S.(!) I miss Mark Sweeny, but I totally understand where he's coming from. I hope he's happy in LA. And I will never boo him.
P.S.S. Is Mike Lowell a free agent? Because people keep talking about the Giants signing him, and if they did that'd make my life. <3